Day 31: View from the Jose Rizal Bridge

In the City

Day 31: View from the Jose Rizal Bridge

Funny story: Since there were some Chinese New Years celebrations throughout the weekend, I decided to go to Chinatown as there were some occurring festivities such as the traditional Chinese dancing. There were also going to be food trucks with $2 food menus.

I drove down to the International District of Seattle, and it was complete madness. People everywhere, no parking could be found, and it was raining. I must have circled the area for 30 minutes before saying “fuck it” and drove off.

I ended up going to this little Filipino restaurant in the Beacon Hill area of Seattle called “Kusina FIlipina” and passed by this bridge “Jose Rizal Bridge” that had a scenic view of Seattle.

Took the opportunity to stop at the side of the road and snap a photo. So, the trip to Seattle was not completely done in vain.

Day 1 : $54 dollar wine



For new years, I had this crazy idea to buy a more expensive wine than usual;  after all bringing on a new year was a special occasion. So we bought the above wine; the sign in Costco said it was rated 97 points by wine enthusiasts. 97 points !  And it was $54… and the way my logic works, the more expensive wine means its better, right?

I dont claim to be a fancy wine connoisseur; I drink a lot of wine, but I am not the type of wine drinker who pushes one side of my nose against the glass and smells spring time in the valley as I spit my wine out , nor am I the type who eats cheeses or grapes or whatever foods to have my pallette grasp the certain essential flavors aged on the wine. Though Id like to think or pretend I am some fancy wine drinker, in reality, what it comes down to is can I drink this? Or not?

I was able to drink a full glass with more ease than I usually am when drinking red wine. And, I finished my glass before my husband finished his, which rarely ever happens.

Would I buy as expensive of a bottle as I did? Probably, but only for special occassions. I don’t think my wallet would able to handle spending that much on a regular basis