Seahawks Wide Receiver Gloves

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1916959_10104745036081558_392108521736906117_nMy husband wanted these gloves for the longest time, and now he got them.  When driving to a Seahawks game in Pheonix, he wore the gloves while driving.

Me: Is that necessary?
Husband: Oh yea.. it’s very necessary.


Day 101 : New Seahawks Sweatshirt





Marshawn Lynch is a football player who besides being known for his skills on the field, is known for his dislike for interviews. When media day came for this past year’s superbowl, the most famous line that everyone seemed to be quoting the next day was “I’m about that action boss”, which I think was response Lynch had to for Sanders about why he didn’t like interviews. 

When i saw this sweatshirt on sale, I had to get it. Unfortunately, it took a whole month for me to get it, but I finally got it. 🙂 

Day 36 : Celebrate 48

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There were around a million people in the city of Seattle for the Seahawks parade. I had left to work around 6 am in the morning because I had planned on leaving work at 10 am to participate in the festivities. By the time I reached DT Seattle, there were already people lined up, waiting for the parade to start, there were even couches lined up in some parts of the route. Couches! How did people find time to bring their couch? 

A friend had got tickets to Safeco field to watch the celebration. We ended up staying there for about 4 hours: the parade started late, the sun started to hide behind the baseball stadium’s roof and so we opted to go find a bar to warm up; it was so cold, we couldn’t feel out toes . We stayed until the parade was over and waited for the mass crowds to leave the stadium.

It was nuts, but it was great to see the whole Seattle bonded in celebration of the Seahawks Superbowl win

Day 29: Empty Shelves

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Empty ShelvesI apologize for anyone who is getting annoyed of all my Seahawk references in my photographic entries, but this is what’s going on in my city. It’s crazy.

Marshawn Lynch’s success with the Seahawks has heightened the popularity of skittles.  In interviews, he has stated that he grew up with the candy, often eating it before/during games, and now – as a professional football player – eats them to settle his stomach during games.

In a trip to a local grocery store, I sauntered down the candy aisle in search of the candy to have during the upcoming game. It was sold out! I couldn’t believe that what I heard on the news was true. There were no skittles, small/big size bags, in the candy aisle. I’m sure if I look around at a few more store, I’ll find some, but still. That’s nuts!

Day 25: Playing both sides

People People People


A coworker came in to work the other day wraring a Broncos beanie, and Seahawks sweats. As I was intently working on my spreadsheets, he tapped me on the shoulder to show me his whole get-up.

“Ugh!” I exclaimed. “Get this guy outta here!”

Its not this guy was even a Broncos fan: throughout the whole football season, he claimed Loyalty to the Seahawks. And now, before the biggest game, he wears a Broncos beanie.

Blasphemy,  I tell you. Blasphemy.

Day 17: Hot or not

In the City


You cant imagine the amount of Seahawks football fever taking over Seattle; it is crazy and nuts at the same time, and im loving it.

During lunch today, my coworkers and I headed down to Westlake (google it if you dont know)for a Seahawk rally and people were passing out these papers with Wilson and Kaepernick on the cover. I love Wilson as a player and from what I gather from the media, he seems to be a pretty good guy, but I a friend who’s in love with Wilson. Like…in love the pointwhere she gets wiggly and excited .

Omg, Wilson is soooo hot, she would say.

Me: Really?

I dont particularly find him attractive, but it made think: with the athletes,  are ball players attractive bc they really are attractive, or because they play football? I dont know. Still tryna figure that out and keep an open mind, but I kind of think that its the latter, because I dont find kaeppernick or wilson attractive, but hey…thats just me . 

Day 11: Jello Shots!

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This past football season, a friend has been hosting every Seattle Seahawk Sunday game at their house. Every week there is a theme: one weekend it was Southern cooking, another weekend is was BBQ. Whatever the theme, everyone who comes, brings food and it becomes one awesome day of food and football.

And then there are the Jello Shots.

House rules are that for every touchdown, field goal, interception, and for some other things I can’t remember at the top of my head – it’s a jello shot. You can imagine with how good the Seahawks have been doing how many jello shots that equates to. It’s a good time though, with good people.

Day 10: Blue Friday



These are exciting times for the people of Seattle. The Seattle Seahawks football team are in the play-offs and could actually go-all-the-way.

I know there are going to be those haters out there who are going to say what they’re going to say about how Seahawks are just lucky, how they’re going to choke, how Russell Wilson isn’t even that good, blah blah blah. But whatever.

In a city that is constantly gray and rainy 10 out of the 12 months of the year, we need something like the Seahawks to bond and feel excited about. Otherwise, we become caught in this don’t talk to me sort of mood that can arguably be linked to the depressiveness of this grey weather.

True we have the space needle, really fresh salmon, Twilight, and Starbucks that we can be proud of – to name of few, but I’m super proud of my city’s team as well, regardless of what anyone may say.

Go Hawks!