Day 98 : ChinaTown


ImageEvery major city has their own version of ‘Chinatown’. I haven’t been to very many Chinatowns, so I don’t know how Seattle’s Chinatown ranks among the other Chinatowns that exist in the world. I’m guessing those who are frequent visitors of Chinatowns all over the world would find it unimpressive. In my opinion, it’s smaller than what I would imagine a “Chinatown” to be. Needless to say, the Seattle Chinatown has it good share of delicious Chinese restaurants: KauKua, Uwajimaya, a number of dimsum places, to name a few. Just thinking about Chinese food is making me hungry.


Day 20: Books



My aunt gave me an interesting statistic: 80% of people have not gone to the library in the last 10 years.

It makes sense,  the age of technology has enabled one to attain books, magazines, and article, on their devices with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to have a physical, actual book. While its fascinating how technology has opened so many doors for knowledge, its kind of sad to see the age of “the book” slowly becoming a memory. There was a time when e-reader first came out that I refused to read anything that was.not an actual book or magazine; being an avid book reader since the age of 3 there was a certain nostalgia that I didnt want to let go. But I caved, well-my husband bought me an e-reader despite my protests – so I was inclined to read on it, and I actually began to like the convenience of it and the fact that iy didnt take so much weight.

So, it has been a few years since I had been to an actual library and borrowed an actual book, but I went a couple of weeks ago and remembered why I loved it: the ability to just get lost in the library, to have books find you…kind of nerdy, but I find it enthralling. I had only been there 5 minutes and had already an armful of books. I know, pretty nerdy, but I was crowned “most ferocious reader” in the 5th grade for nothing

Day 16: Cake



It was a friends birthday yesterday, which for me called to mind my upcoming birthday.

Holy shit, I’m going to be 30

Thinking back on when I was in high school, I had thought 30 was old. Now that I’m nearing it, I’m like, aaah, I  feel 16, trapped in a 30 year old body!

I think I have to just face the fact that I no longer belong to the generation that defines what’s “cool”. That within a few years, I’m going to be the one with the sore back and I will get no empathy from the younger folk, perhaps in spite of me not having any understanding of when my parents complained about the same thing. That it will soon no longer be acceptable to shop at Forever 21 or the junior section of a department store. I will just have to face the reality that I am getting old.

Im slowly becoming ok with that.

Day 15: Declaration

In the City


This morning, I questioned whether or not I should just get off the bus to take a picture of this. On my route to work, I see pass by it every morning, but I was like fuck it and i got off that bus and snapped a picture of this.

I don’t know what it is, but I get kind of choked up with pride when I see, read or hear the first words of our Declaration of Independence, and really think about it too.  The first line, beginning with “We hold these truths to be self evident… ” is such a powerful and beautifully well-written line. I hear the first line and I’m like fuck yea! that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Merrica! Granted, we still have a little ways to go in regards to living in equality in it’s true form, but within this first line is embedded a moral standard of what America is all about.

Maybe it’s the ‘lover of  the English language’ in me that gets emotional when I hear or read this line, or maybe it’s my love for the country I live in. It’s probably both, but whatever it is – it makes me grateful and blessed for where I live.

Day 13: My 3 O’Clock

Food, Work


3 O’clock rolls around, and I am sitting at my desk,crunching numbers and staring at excel spreadsheets..

I was crazy to think – when I was 12 – that I wanted to grow up, that I was tired of being a kid, that I wanted to make money so that I could buy whatever I wanted instead of being dependent on a meager allowance given by my parents. If my 20 – something year old me went back into time to advise my pre-teen self to quit bitchin about life being so hard and quit trying to grow up, I would’ve told my future self to shut-up.

But, I’ll never get that chance, and there’s an hour or so more to go of work.  I have become almost dependent on this Starbucks refresher drink on a daily basis. Usually by this time, the double-shot coffee from the morning has begun to fade, and the drink gives me the extra kick to get through the rest of work and carry on the rest of my day after work. And the dark chocolate acai? Just another tool to help me stay awake. I really wanted chips, but opted for this. I mean, it’s dark chocolate, but acai is supposedly good for you right?

What would I rather be doing? Laying in bed. Sleeping. Staying Warm. Catching up on Downton Abbey. Anything other than working

But alas, I am here, sitting at my desk, answering emails, looking at more excel spreadsheets, and tiredly living the American dream.

Day 11: Meet Florence

People People People

ImageA couple of friends just moved back from Italy a couple of days ago. They had been away for 3 years, and during those 3 years, had traveled to places like Thailand, South Africa, France, and had a baby whom they named ‘Florence’. It’s a fitting name, considering she was born in Italy.

To be honest, I’m quite envious of their travels. Even Florence, at 3 months, has covered more international ground than many get to travel in their lifetime. So jealous. A part of me tells myself that there really is nothing stopping me from going somewhere, I just have to make the choice to go. Then another part of me holds me back with thoughts of : well, it’s expensive. You have to save for these things, and sure – a trip will be good, but you’ll have less money by the end of it and you’re doing home improvements and that’s a lot of money. ugh… 

It seems like other things in life just seem to get in the way or to take precedence.

That is why I think Anthony Bourdain probably has the best job in the world. He gets to travel, eat, explore, enjoy life and give more than his 2 cents because it’s his job to do so. Seriously, what do I have to do to be able to do that?