Day 95 : Market Entertainment


ImageI have this weird thing about taking pictures of people who entertain in the market. It’s like, if I take a picture of them, I feel obliged to give them a dollar, when I really don’t want to.

I learned my lesson on a trip to the Caribbean: while a sitting on a beach a local came by with his little monkey. The monkey had on a mini-Lakers jersey and shorts that fitted him. My first instinct was oh how cute! 

“Do you want to take a picture,” the local asked.

“Sure,” I had excitedly said and I proceed to take pictures

After I had taken a few photographs, the local requested I pay him.

“Uhm excuse me? ” I asked.

“5 American Dollars,’ he said.

In my head I was like, shit – you should have told me instead of making me believe that it was for free. I ended up not making a deal out of it but, in the midst of my anger, decided not to head down that pathway again. Everytime I saw someone with a monkey, I declined to take a picture or would completely ignore them. I couldn’t really get mad at them per se… they were trying to make a living for themelves. Beisdes, what’s $5 USD? It’s nothing to us, but to someone trying to make a living, it’s probably a lot. Regardless, I learned my lesson and it has obviously made me wary about market street performers.


Day 79 : Pike and Pike


ImageThe first of spring was spent going to the iconic Pike Place Market. It was a beautiful day in Seattle, and they were giving out free flowers in celebration. People even seemed to be in better moods. As my friend and I were going on the bus to go to Pikes, an older lady steps out and yells out 

“Smile ya’ll! It’s the first day of spring ya’ll. Time to smile!”

That in itself made me smile.