March 4, 2016: “Bedside”

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I was getting ready to do a creative photo of my bedside, and the dog decided to lay down where I was going to take a picture. So, I decided to go with the flow.



Day 23: Dog sweaters



I never really had pets growing up; a stray cat maybe that would run away every now and again, and unfailingly would find its way back to my home to be fed scraps from a meal, but never a pet that I called my own.

Now, I’ve become a dog lover; I become one of those people who buys sweaters for those dogs.

I have another dog who is a male, but who my husband refuses to let me dress. I dont necessarily know for sure if my husband is ok with dressing my girl dog, but he must be if he constantly hugs her for being so cute in her sweater. Lol. I dont go overboad, just a sweater for those times in the winter when the weather is chilly.