Day 94 : Gifts from Hawaii




I was just having this craving for Poke. I have tried making poke from a few recipes that I found on the internet, but none of them lived up to par to what I had tasted in previous occasions. A have a few friends who have made poke from scratch for a few parties, but when I asked what the recipe was, they completely forgot what it was, claiming that they had just winged it. 

Just when I was going to give up on finding a recipe, my aunt from Hawaii sends me this card wiht a packet of poke mix in the card. Will definitely have to try this out. 


Day 41: A Family Potrait

Homelife, People People People


Well, my mother-in-law is in town.

Luckily,  she and I get along. She isn’t one of those monster-in-laws who make their son/daughter-in-laws lives a living hell because he/she isn’t good enough for their child. I’ve never met one of those moms, but I heard they exist.

It took 5-6 tries to get a picture where my dogs were perfectly still; my female dog Coco was stayed put for the most part, but would shuffle her feet a little forward as there was food in her bowl and I made her wait a little longer than usual before getting her food. In the end, turned out to be a pretty good photo.

Day 3 : Goddaughter



When I first started getting into photography thing, I took this class where we went around the city and practiced taking pictures with a professional photographer. He gave us tips and answered any questions that we may have had. One of the tips that I remember the most is:

Remember to ask permission if you’re taking a picture of a random person. If they’re at an event doing a performance, then you don’t really have to, but if they’re doing an every day thing…ask. especially if you’re taking picture of a kid, parents are really protective over kids.

That kind of freaked me out since then and I’ve been very careful to not take pictures if people who I don’t know.

Luckily, this cute kid is my goddaughter and…I know her parents well.  She will more than likely be one of my favorite photo subjects of 2014.

Any ways, she’s giving me this ‘you’re so weird’ face, which I had to capture since I’ve seen this gave many a times. Lol