Day 95 : Market Entertainment


ImageI have this weird thing about taking pictures of people who entertain in the market. It’s like, if I take a picture of them, I feel obliged to give them a dollar, when I really don’t want to.

I learned my lesson on a trip to the Caribbean: while a sitting on a beach a local came by with his little monkey. The monkey had on a mini-Lakers jersey and shorts that fitted him. My first instinct was oh how cute! 

“Do you want to take a picture,” the local asked.

“Sure,” I had excitedly said and I proceed to take pictures

After I had taken a few photographs, the local requested I pay him.

“Uhm excuse me? ” I asked.

“5 American Dollars,’ he said.

In my head I was like, shit – you should have told me instead of making me believe that it was for free. I ended up not making a deal out of it but, in the midst of my anger, decided not to head down that pathway again. Everytime I saw someone with a monkey, I declined to take a picture or would completely ignore them. I couldn’t really get mad at them per se… they were trying to make a living for themelves. Beisdes, what’s $5 USD? It’s nothing to us, but to someone trying to make a living, it’s probably a lot. Regardless, I learned my lesson and it has obviously made me wary about market street performers.