March 4, 2016: “Bedside”

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I was getting ready to do a creative photo of my bedside, and the dog decided to lay down where I was going to take a picture. So, I decided to go with the flow.



Day 92 : Puppy Kisses




I’ve been really slacking with this photo-blog. My excuse? Lent. 

For Lent, my husband and I decided to give up electronics, kind of. We decided give up electronics after 7. So from 7pm up until the time we wake up,   This makes it impossible to do the normal leisurely internet things that we normally do, but …I guess that’s the whole point of Lent, right? 

Anyways, trying to catch up with these entries while at work, because this (obviously)is a priority. 

This picture was taken while Yoda was staying with my husband and I. After a few dies of high intensity of playing, she calmed down a bit. She still wanted to play, but there were moments where she was content with just laying around, or showing affection, as in this picture. 

It made me wonder if my dogs were as hyper when they were 4 months old. We had adopted them when they were about a year and were fairly well-behaved, so never experienced the joys of raising a puppy.