Day 36 : Celebrate 48

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There were around a million people in the city of Seattle for the Seahawks parade. I had left to work around 6 am in the morning because I had planned on leaving work at 10 am to participate in the festivities. By the time I reached DT Seattle, there were already people lined up, waiting for the parade to start, there were even couches lined up in some parts of the route. Couches! How did people find time to bring their couch? 

A friend had got tickets to Safeco field to watch the celebration. We ended up staying there for about 4 hours: the parade started late, the sun started to hide behind the baseball stadium’s roof and so we opted to go find a bar to warm up; it was so cold, we couldn’t feel out toes . We stayed until the parade was over and waited for the mass crowds to leave the stadium.

It was nuts, but it was great to see the whole Seattle bonded in celebration of the Seahawks Superbowl win