Day 67: Baby Meets Puppy

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I don’t have much experience with babies: most of my friends have children,  but my husbands friends (who are a few years older than I) all have children. Whenever I hang out with my husband’s friends, I am amazed at everything they know about parenthood. Like how do you know that this is what your baby is trying to tell you?  I know almost nothing about parenthood. Is it something that is innate ( which if it is – I don’t know if it’s something I just need to awaken)? Or is something learned. I suppose it’s a little bit of worth.

Being a parent kind of freaks me out, not the whole having a baby part, but in particular the prospect of dealing with puberty when your kid starts growing up. Agh! All the drama and mood swings you have to deal with if your you have a girl, all the talks you’ll have to have about sex, and girls and dating  do not seem like fun.

But I suppose at the end of the day, it reaps it’s joys.