Day 14: Lunch

Food, In the City, Work

MIMOSAI’ve been bad about eating out the past few days. It’s so bad, but working in the city makes it so hard to resist eating out. I mean, making lunch to bring to work takes so much work, when there’s the convenience of just going somewhere to grab something to eat of course it’s going to be more tempting to just buy lunch

I justified this days lunch by reasoning that it was healthy and that it was only $5.00, and it was fresh. Oh, I know I need to cut back on the eating out, though. $5 can add up quickly, and next thing you know it, you have less money than thought. It’s so hard though and this spring rolls were so good.


Day 13: My 3 O’Clock

Food, Work


3 O’clock rolls around, and I am sitting at my desk,crunching numbers and staring at excel spreadsheets..

I was crazy to think – when I was 12 – that I wanted to grow up, that I was tired of being a kid, that I wanted to make money so that I could buy whatever I wanted instead of being dependent on a meager allowance given by my parents. If my 20 – something year old me went back into time to advise my pre-teen self to quit bitchin about life being so hard and quit trying to grow up, I would’ve told my future self to shut-up.

But, I’ll never get that chance, and there’s an hour or so more to go of work.  I have become almost dependent on this Starbucks refresher drink on a daily basis. Usually by this time, the double-shot coffee from the morning has begun to fade, and the drink gives me the extra kick to get through the rest of work and carry on the rest of my day after work. And the dark chocolate acai? Just another tool to help me stay awake. I really wanted chips, but opted for this. I mean, it’s dark chocolate, but acai is supposedly good for you right?

What would I rather be doing? Laying in bed. Sleeping. Staying Warm. Catching up on Downton Abbey. Anything other than working

But alas, I am here, sitting at my desk, answering emails, looking at more excel spreadsheets, and tiredly living the American dream.

Day 10: Blue Friday



These are exciting times for the people of Seattle. The Seattle Seahawks football team are in the play-offs and could actually go-all-the-way.

I know there are going to be those haters out there who are going to say what they’re going to say about how Seahawks are just lucky, how they’re going to choke, how Russell Wilson isn’t even that good, blah blah blah. But whatever.

In a city that is constantly gray and rainy 10 out of the 12 months of the year, we need something like the Seahawks to bond and feel excited about. Otherwise, we become caught in this don’t talk to me sort of mood that can arguably be linked to the depressiveness of this grey weather.

True we have the space needle, really fresh salmon, Twilight, and Starbucks that we can be proud of – to name of few, but I’m super proud of my city’s team as well, regardless of what anyone may say.

Go Hawks!

Day 8: Free Shit



I have become a sort of scavenger at work, keeping my eye out for whatever free things I can get: liquid highlighter sets, pens of various colors, computer speakers. When someone leaves, shortly thereafter I will often find myself looking through their supplies to see if there is something that I may want that I don’t have. Company budget constraints have limited the type of supplies provided so finding things like white out tape becomes quite the score when one is able find one.

This piggy bank was given to me from a vendor who was advertising their bank. To be honest, I don’t remember the name of the bank even though the name is probably on the other side of the pig. I had gone to this vendor fair with the full intention of getting as much free shit as possible, which I did. I came out from the fair with a grocery bag, some chocolates, posters from the art museum, and this piggy bank. It’s not like I needed any of the items. Just the mere fact that it was free made me feel like I had gotten a good deal… or so I thought at the time. Now the piggy bank just sits there, dusting and taking up room in my desk and with barely any change in it.

But, you never know. Maybe I’ll be able to fill it up with a shit of load of coins, enough coins to buy coffee for week. Then it would be worth it. You never know…