Day 83 : Spring is Everywhere

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Spring is everywhere! It’s warmer, there are flowers blooming, there is more light to the day, and everyone is just in a general happier mood.

This picture was taking outside of the building of my work. There are these big planter vases with these trees that bloom once a year around this time and are such pretty flowers, it’s just too bad they only last for a good week, but might as well enjoy them while I can.


Day 71: Better things out there

The office

ImageSometimes you don’t know how crappy you have it, until you experience something better.

An old coworker invited me and another guy out to lunch. Afterwards he showed us to his new office which was a couple of blocks away from mine. Let me say, his work is so much more awesome than where I work: there’s beer in the fridge, they do karaoke on Wednesdays, they have a constant supply of milk and other drinks, the conference rooms are soundproof and have these pads outside the doors that is a sort of calender that tells you if a conference is open / when the next meeting is. I know some of you might be like this is old news, my office has had that for years, but I don’t get out much and  it’s new to me. The possibility of there existing an office that could have a more fun environment than where I work was unfathomable before I visited this ex-coworkers office. Now, I realize how lacking my work environment: no karaoke, no beer in the fridge, free candy lying around. There are better things out there.

Day 64: Homeless in Seattle

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ImageEvery city has their share of homelessness: people who beg for spare change or a dollar for whatever it is they need, whether it be food, booze or drugs. Come early enough in the morning and walk by bridges or entryways of businesses and you’ll see the area lined with the homeless cacooned in their trash bag or blanket, a grocery cart of things sitting  next to them. I, like most people, ignore the scene – mostly out of fear and avoidance in acknowledging the situation. It’s really is a sad sight to see.

There is this homeless women who walks the streets of Seattle who can arguably be considered the most infamous of them all. She makes her runs up and down the same street; one moment you’ll see her along 4th Avenue, later on in the day she’ll in the shopping area of Westlake. Everyone I know has had an encounter with her. She comes up to every passerby she sees, her expression dramatically sad and pitiful.

“Spare a poor a women some change”

Each time she’s comes up with a different reason.

“Please, I’m hungry”

“I need to buy my medication”

“I need a tampon”

These are all true reasons that this particular homeless women has encountered me with.

One time, one of my coworkers felt compassionate and took his wallet out o see if he had some spare change. He had a five dollar bill and a few ones which tried to peel apart and she ended up snatching the five dollar bill out of his hand. We were both shocked that that happened to do anything about it.

A part of me wonders how much of it is true, and how much of it is she acting and being overly dramatic. Another part of me wonders who she is, what’s her story, if she has any family, what she really does with the money that people actually give her. She has walked the streets of Seattle the entire time that I’ve been working at my company, 8 years. It’s a long time to be walking around, begging for money…

Day 58: Rice

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ImageBefore I met my husband, I ate rice every day with almost every meal. It’s an Asian thing; rice is an essential pairing to any meal. 

After dating my husband, I slowly converted to eating brown rice, quinoia, and salads. (My husband is a health nut) and I have been fine not eating it, but there are times that occur most randomly, when I just crave rice, and a lot of it. So I would make some rice or grab some elsewhere, and made sure the race to meat/entree ratio was 2 to 1. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does… watch out.

This picture was taken at a local Asian grocery. Somebody actually thought it a good idea to adveritse rice this way. But hey – what do I know…. 

Day 57: Happy Hour

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Whoever came up with the concept of Happy Hour is genius.

February is my anniversary month for being at my company. 7 years. I needed a drink

 I didn’t expect to stay at my company for so long, I took it right out of college, it wasn’t too bad of a job and I was good at it. Over the years, my job sent me on a couple of trips overseas, gave me a few promotions,  supported my shopping adventures, and the next thing I knew.. BAM! 7 years. Where has the time gone?

I feel like I’m at a pivotal point in my ‘career’: I’m almost turning 30, I’m starting to ask myself if what I am doing is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. My obvious answer to that question is ‘no’, but I think my biggest characteristic flaw is that I’m not a risk taker and tend to play it safe.

I am hoping that I am not going to be in the same spot in life 7 years from now, but know that in order for my life to change, I need to create change, not just wait for it to happen.

Anyways, I’ll get off my soap box. This picture was taking during my Happy Hour celebration for my anniversary. I never go to these type of after work functions, but decided I probably should, since it was supposed to be for me.

Day 56: Alleys

In the City, The office

ImageWhen I first started working in the city, my mom would call me up to say ‘hi’ and check up on me.

Mom: What are you doing?

Me: Walking to the bus

Mom: Are you walking by yourself?

Me: There’s people around

Mom: Don’t go walking in the alleys.

My mother is one of mothers who worries a lot, which – every good mother worries about their children, but my mother gets overly worried.  I was probably in my early 20’s when she advised me not to go into alleys. It’s not like I ever had a reason to, and like I said – I understood why she worried about me, but sometimes I would say things just to mess with her.

Me: But it’s the only way to get to my bus stop

This would only worry her even more and she would go on to tell me about some story she heard on 20/20 about something happening in an alley. I would assure her I was joking (after which she would say something along the lines of that’s not funny, it was on 20/20).

Anyways, this alley lies in between a piece of shit parking garage that has the best rate for valet parking in town, and a Marriott Hotel. My windows to my office look out in the direction of the alley, and according to my coworker, a lot of interesting things occur in this particular alley. Word on the street is that one time, some homeless people were going at it in the middle of the day, as people were walking by. Gross. Fortunately, I was not there to witness this

Day 50: Words to Live By

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When I was single and ready to mingle, I used to go to Happy Hours at least once a week. Now, I almost never go – opting to go home because I have things to do. That’s married life I guess, or being an adult. I went to a Happy Hour for a coworkers birthday at this place called “O’Donnells”. It was a pretty cool spot with good food and drinks and was even more fun with the company that was there.  Like I said, I never go to Happy Hours – but I am friends particular coworker so – kind of had to go, and it ended up being fun.

The pub had all these cool signs and pictures. but I found this one most interesting. Often times, people talk about work far too much outside of work. But I fee like sometimes you just have just leave work at work. You’re social life is more fun that way.

Day 44: The Market

In the City, The office


Twas a wonderfully beautiful, but windy day in Seattle. Took a walk with a friend and passed by the infamous Market. I was trying to capture the ferry that was boating through the water in the background, but – it didn’t happen. This picture was compliments of my phone. Unfortunately – stupid me – I forgot to put the memory card back into my DSLR and couldn’t take pictures of my digital camera.

Day 42: Chuck Norris

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ImageIt’s sad when you’re like “Sweet! Chuck Norris”, and other people are like.. “Who?”

A world where no one knows who Chuck Norris is.. or Bob Barker… I can’t even fathom it, but eventually that will be case. Instead of Chuck Norris, it will be the kids of One Direction that will be household names.  A part of me is saddened.

My coworker found this photo framed in an empty office. She was hesitant to grab it at first, but eventually did and placed it in her cube. I kind of wish I found it first.

Day 36 : Celebrate 48

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There were around a million people in the city of Seattle for the Seahawks parade. I had left to work around 6 am in the morning because I had planned on leaving work at 10 am to participate in the festivities. By the time I reached DT Seattle, there were already people lined up, waiting for the parade to start, there were even couches lined up in some parts of the route. Couches! How did people find time to bring their couch? 

A friend had got tickets to Safeco field to watch the celebration. We ended up staying there for about 4 hours: the parade started late, the sun started to hide behind the baseball stadium’s roof and so we opted to go find a bar to warm up; it was so cold, we couldn’t feel out toes . We stayed until the parade was over and waited for the mass crowds to leave the stadium.

It was nuts, but it was great to see the whole Seattle bonded in celebration of the Seahawks Superbowl win