Day 67: Baby Meets Puppy

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I don’t have much experience with babies: most of my friends have children,  but my husbands friends (who are a few years older than I) all have children. Whenever I hang out with my husband’s friends, I am amazed at everything they know about parenthood. Like how do you know that this is what your baby is trying to tell you?  I know almost nothing about parenthood. Is it something that is innate ( which if it is – I don’t know if it’s something I just need to awaken)? Or is something learned. I suppose it’s a little bit of worth.

Being a parent kind of freaks me out, not the whole having a baby part, but in particular the prospect of dealing with puberty when your kid starts growing up. Agh! All the drama and mood swings you have to deal with if your you have a girl, all the talks you’ll have to have about sex, and girls and dating  do not seem like fun.

But I suppose at the end of the day, it reaps it’s joys.


Day 64: Homeless in Seattle

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ImageEvery city has their share of homelessness: people who beg for spare change or a dollar for whatever it is they need, whether it be food, booze or drugs. Come early enough in the morning and walk by bridges or entryways of businesses and you’ll see the area lined with the homeless cacooned in their trash bag or blanket, a grocery cart of things sitting  next to them. I, like most people, ignore the scene – mostly out of fear and avoidance in acknowledging the situation. It’s really is a sad sight to see.

There is this homeless women who walks the streets of Seattle who can arguably be considered the most infamous of them all. She makes her runs up and down the same street; one moment you’ll see her along 4th Avenue, later on in the day she’ll in the shopping area of Westlake. Everyone I know has had an encounter with her. She comes up to every passerby she sees, her expression dramatically sad and pitiful.

“Spare a poor a women some change”

Each time she’s comes up with a different reason.

“Please, I’m hungry”

“I need to buy my medication”

“I need a tampon”

These are all true reasons that this particular homeless women has encountered me with.

One time, one of my coworkers felt compassionate and took his wallet out o see if he had some spare change. He had a five dollar bill and a few ones which tried to peel apart and she ended up snatching the five dollar bill out of his hand. We were both shocked that that happened to do anything about it.

A part of me wonders how much of it is true, and how much of it is she acting and being overly dramatic. Another part of me wonders who she is, what’s her story, if she has any family, what she really does with the money that people actually give her. She has walked the streets of Seattle the entire time that I’ve been working at my company, 8 years. It’s a long time to be walking around, begging for money…

Day 62: Poker

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ImageWhen I was in college, I had a friend who dated a guy who would go to Vegas and compete in poker tournaments. He didn’t actually win the tournament or anything, but he went far enough in the competition to make himself some pretty good money and buy my friend some designer things.

Of course I was jealous. I was in college, working a mall job that made me enough money for my food expenditures and a little shopping, but purchasing a Burberry bag or Marc Jacobs watch was unfathomable to me. My friend was lucky in that aspect.

But my friend is no longer dating the poker guy so I don’t really know what’s going on with him, but I was reminded of him when my husband had a poker night. I wondered what he was up to, whether he was still competing in poker tournaments. It’s hard for me to think of ‘playing poker’ as something that people do for a living, but I guess so. There was this episode on MTV True Life (I just happened to be switching channels) and the episode was about young millionaires. One of the guys they documented had just won a large winning during a past tournament, but was struggling to keep his spending under wraps until his next big win. Apparently, he had entered a few more tournaments after his big win, but had left within nothing.

It made me think that it must be hard living that life. Sure you can become a millionaire in a single tournament, but ultimately it sometimes takes a little bit of luck to keep on winning. This particular poker player that was documented was relying on a next big win to keep his spending up, but as I was watching this, the rational part of me was just like why don’t you invest that money into something that will be profitable instead of spending it? But hey, maybe it’s just me.

Day 58: Rice

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ImageBefore I met my husband, I ate rice every day with almost every meal. It’s an Asian thing; rice is an essential pairing to any meal. 

After dating my husband, I slowly converted to eating brown rice, quinoia, and salads. (My husband is a health nut) and I have been fine not eating it, but there are times that occur most randomly, when I just crave rice, and a lot of it. So I would make some rice or grab some elsewhere, and made sure the race to meat/entree ratio was 2 to 1. It doesn’t happen too often, but when it does… watch out.

This picture was taken at a local Asian grocery. Somebody actually thought it a good idea to adveritse rice this way. But hey – what do I know…. 

Day 41: A Family Potrait

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Well, my mother-in-law is in town.

Luckily,  she and I get along. She isn’t one of those monster-in-laws who make their son/daughter-in-laws lives a living hell because he/she isn’t good enough for their child. I’ve never met one of those moms, but I heard they exist.

It took 5-6 tries to get a picture where my dogs were perfectly still; my female dog Coco was stayed put for the most part, but would shuffle her feet a little forward as there was food in her bowl and I made her wait a little longer than usual before getting her food. In the end, turned out to be a pretty good photo.

Day 36 : Celebrate 48

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There were around a million people in the city of Seattle for the Seahawks parade. I had left to work around 6 am in the morning because I had planned on leaving work at 10 am to participate in the festivities. By the time I reached DT Seattle, there were already people lined up, waiting for the parade to start, there were even couches lined up in some parts of the route. Couches! How did people find time to bring their couch? 

A friend had got tickets to Safeco field to watch the celebration. We ended up staying there for about 4 hours: the parade started late, the sun started to hide behind the baseball stadium’s roof and so we opted to go find a bar to warm up; it was so cold, we couldn’t feel out toes . We stayed until the parade was over and waited for the mass crowds to leave the stadium.

It was nuts, but it was great to see the whole Seattle bonded in celebration of the Seahawks Superbowl win

Day 26: Best Buy

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This weekend, my husband and I went to Best Buy twice, probably spending a total of 2 hours there.

2 freaking hours.

My husband is a tech nut and into that stuff. We went from looking at speakers, to looking at laptops, to looking at wireless routers, to looking at tvs-dwelling at each section with much thought and contemplation

Going to Best Buy by myself, I probably spend an average of 5 minutes per visit, in and out. But its all good. That’s what people do when they love each other, they go out do things they may not necessarily do, just so to be with the person and experience their joy, even if it is going to Best Buy for a long time.

This picture was taken while I sat on the those reclining chairs and learned about yv technology. Fascinating.

Day 25: Playing both sides

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A coworker came in to work the other day wraring a Broncos beanie, and Seahawks sweats. As I was intently working on my spreadsheets, he tapped me on the shoulder to show me his whole get-up.

“Ugh!” I exclaimed. “Get this guy outta here!”

Its not this guy was even a Broncos fan: throughout the whole football season, he claimed Loyalty to the Seahawks. And now, before the biggest game, he wears a Broncos beanie.

Blasphemy,  I tell you. Blasphemy.