Day 83 : Spring is Everywhere

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Spring is everywhere! It’s warmer, there are flowers blooming, there is more light to the day, and everyone is just in a general happier mood.

This picture was taking outside of the building of my work. There are these big planter vases with these trees that bloom once a year around this time and are such pretty flowers, it’s just too bad they only last for a good week, but might as well enjoy them while I can.

Day 77 : Overpriced Steak

Food, In the City

ImageWhen I first got my DSLR camera and got into photography, I insisted on buying a camera bag that reflected my personality as a potential artist. I didn’t want a plain black camera bag that blended in with all the other plain black camera bags that every other person with a camera and I didn’t want price to get in the way. I didn’t want to go over board, but I didn’t want something that would ware and tear easily as something cheap would be expected to do. 

So I ended up buying this camera messenger bag for $150: it was blue, had 3 compartments for lenses and camera body, had a section for laptop, and numerous other pockets for random things. At first I loved it, I would bring it everywhere I took my camera with me. However I soon realized how it wasn’t  functional: it was big and because there were a lot of pockets i carried a lot things other than my camera, thus making it especially heavy. This was inconvenient when I went on long walks while taking pictures and my shoulders would begin to hurt. Worst of all, I’ve had some comments on it looking like a diapor bag, which was on the artistic persona I wanted to portray.

This is kind of how my bag looks like.


This was found on the site for a brand name Epiphanie.

Anyways, you might be asking what does this bag have anything to do with the picture of the steak? Well, like the bag, the steak was overpriced. My friends and I went to this steak place called Millers Guild. It’s a pretty fancy, trendy place. With a pretty fancy place and pretty pricey steaks (the above steak was $60), one would expect a foodgasm in the mouth (at least I do) but I didn’t get that. It was good, but it wasn’t it wasn’t $60 good. It was cooked perfectly, but the flavoring was subpar to what I would want a steak at that rate to taste like. Which proves a point a lot of people say: just because something is overpriced, doesn’t mean it’s good.

Day 76: Portland, OR

In the City

ImageGooglemaps times the trip from my house to Portland to 3 hours and 15 minutes. It is not a far drive, and is an even shorter plane ride – which interestingly on the one flight that I took from Portland to Seattle in my life, I was given complimentary beer for the one hour trip.

While it is a city that is close enough to make an occasional weekend trip to and not notice differences between the neighboring city of Seattle, a closer look and comparison shows that there are indeed fact differences.

For instance, the lines…

For one reason or another, I have stood in more lines waiting for food in Portland than I have in Seattle, and I have only been there a few times, whereas I have lived in Seattle for more than half of my life and hardly every stand in lines. The lines to Portland eateries are consistant, and I’ve known other people have stood in them there as well,  which brings up another difference – I feel like people in Portland are more into food than in people Seattle. I mean, Seattle has it’s own sort of food culture, but I don’t think it’s one warrants foods lines on a regular basis.  In having so many are infamous breakfast joints and food trucks and brewery spots that are always so packed, Portland is a great place to be a self proclaimed foodie.

There are other differences as well between the neighboring cities: the streets are cleaner in Portland, the roads are different, I feel like there are more bikers in Portland than Seattle, there’s no tax (which is a big sell for shoppers like myself), Portland even has an NBA team, which is something I think many Seattle-lites are bitter about

Why did you have to take our Sonics away? Whyyyy?!?

I may be making Portland sound like a better city, which – I don’t know about that. It’s just different city, but in the end, despite our lack of NBA team and clean streets and sub par attempts to recycle, I still have a lot of pride for my city and call it home.

Day 70: Spring is in the Air

In the City


It has been a few days since the ‘Spring Forward’ one hour time change and holy shit did I feel it today. I drank a double shot of coffee, had a Starbucks refresher in the afternoon, and still felt like I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. But I’ve heard it said that when you ‘spring forward’, it usually takes a couple of days to adjust. It just sucks because I feel really drained.

Today was also one of the first really nice sunny days in what felt like a long time for Seattle. Or… maybe we had one not too long ago, but the rain and dreary grey made it seem like a longer interval than it actually was.

The point is, it was a warm day in Seattle. Close to 60 degrees, I believe.

I feel like when the sun shines in Seattle, regardless if it is cold or warm, some women feel the need to wear skirts. I don’t know if it’s a Seattle thing or what, but I swear to God, I saw a handful of girls wearing their spring dresses like it was warmer then it was, while I was still wearing a bubble jacket and jeans.

I sort of get it: it’s grey and stupid 8 months of the year that as a woman, when the sun does shine,  there is this want and sense of anxiousness to start wearing the happier spring stuff that’s been stored for the past 8 months. I do feel that impatience – I have shoes I want to wearing, dresses I bought in anticipation of spring – but I would rather be warm than wear something that would freeze my butt off. Besides, my legs are untanned, would be an embarrassment for the world to see.

This picture was taken outside of my work building. Every season, they change the flowers or setting in the flower pots that line the entrance. The flowers in this one are very spring-like.

Day 69: Seagulls

In the City


I’ve never been pooped on by a seagull, so I don’t have any malicious feelings towards them. I’ve known people who’ve been pooped on by a seagull and will curse at the very thought of one, but I’ve never had that unfortunate experience happen to me.  To me, they’re just a majestic backdrop to the Seattle Northwest scenery.

I feel like seagulls in Canada are a whole different story: they’re bigger, and larger, and show no fear as they snatch food right out of the hands of people. I know, because I had that happen to me.

It was the Winter of 2009, and my friends and I were on our way up to Whistler for a weekend of relaxation. Well, I was going for a weekend of relaxation, my other friends were going to snowboard. We stopped over in Vancouver, BC to the Granville Market. It’s an indoor market located on the pier of the island of Granville in the city of Vancouver. I had grabbed some springrolls at one of the restaurants in the market and stepped outside for a bit of fresh air. I had one bite of springroll left, held it in my hand, but was distracted by the scenery of Granville Island to immediately take my last bite

Then, SNATCH! A seagull had dived down, grabbed my last bite of springroll from my fingers and flew off. I could do nothing else but stand there, mouth ajar, in a moment of shock. A Seattle seagull would never do that! I thought to myself. What made Seattle seagulls that much different from seagulls in Canada where Canadian seagulls rudely snatched food out of people’s hand? 

I was probably being unfair in my reason of thought. I mean, maybe Seattle seagulls are just as aggressively fearless and I don’t go outside enough to have experienced a seagull in Seattle snatch food out of my hand? Or maybe I’ve just been lucky in the past to having never been pooped on?  I don’t know. I still find it hard to shed that animosity – for lack of a better word – against Seagulls in Canada .

Day 66 : The Seattle Monorail

Fun, In the City

ImageIn a recent online article I read in the Seattle Times, the monorail is perhaps one of the most overrated tourist attractions in Seattle.

Having lived in Seattle over half my life, I would say that I concur. I have ridden the monorail once, when I first moved here (so like 12) I wasn’t aware of the price at the time, but now being $2.25, it’s not expensive or anything, but is unimpressive if in you’re head you hype it up before even ride it.

So, if you’ve never ridden the monorail from Westlake Shopping Centre to the Space Needle and you do decide to try it out, go with low expectations, maybe then it’ll seem great.

Day 64: Homeless in Seattle

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ImageEvery city has their share of homelessness: people who beg for spare change or a dollar for whatever it is they need, whether it be food, booze or drugs. Come early enough in the morning and walk by bridges or entryways of businesses and you’ll see the area lined with the homeless cacooned in their trash bag or blanket, a grocery cart of things sitting  next to them. I, like most people, ignore the scene – mostly out of fear and avoidance in acknowledging the situation. It’s really is a sad sight to see.

There is this homeless women who walks the streets of Seattle who can arguably be considered the most infamous of them all. She makes her runs up and down the same street; one moment you’ll see her along 4th Avenue, later on in the day she’ll in the shopping area of Westlake. Everyone I know has had an encounter with her. She comes up to every passerby she sees, her expression dramatically sad and pitiful.

“Spare a poor a women some change”

Each time she’s comes up with a different reason.

“Please, I’m hungry”

“I need to buy my medication”

“I need a tampon”

These are all true reasons that this particular homeless women has encountered me with.

One time, one of my coworkers felt compassionate and took his wallet out o see if he had some spare change. He had a five dollar bill and a few ones which tried to peel apart and she ended up snatching the five dollar bill out of his hand. We were both shocked that that happened to do anything about it.

A part of me wonders how much of it is true, and how much of it is she acting and being overly dramatic. Another part of me wonders who she is, what’s her story, if she has any family, what she really does with the money that people actually give her. She has walked the streets of Seattle the entire time that I’ve been working at my company, 8 years. It’s a long time to be walking around, begging for money…

Day 59 : Origami

Fun, In the City

ImageMy friend Maria was the first of my little friend group to get married. It made sense that she would be: she was my age, but had always been so much more mature.

I was one of her bridesmaids, helping her in whatever she needed help in, but one thing she didn’t allow me to help with was the making of paper cranes. Whether it was some sort of legend or something that she read, she was on this project to make thousands of these paper cranes. I don’t remember the exact number she needed to make, but they were supposed to teach her ‘patience’… or something, which was a challenge, because I don’t think she was that patient of a person.

Seeing this crane display at a local Asian store reminded me of my friend and her little project. Each one of the cranes looked crisp and perfect: I know that I have tried making a few cranes, and they did not end up looking that great, but perhaps if I practiced and wasn’t in a rush as I had been at the time that I made the cranes, they might look just as good