February 29, 2016: Dramatic Head Shake

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After getting a bath, took this picture mid-shake


Day 66 : The Seattle Monorail

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ImageIn a recent online article I read in the Seattle Times, the monorail is perhaps one of the most overrated tourist attractions in Seattle.

Having lived in Seattle over half my life, I would say that I concur. I have ridden the monorail once, when I first moved here (so like 12) I wasn’t aware of the price at the time, but now being $2.25, it’s not expensive or anything, but is unimpressive if in you’re head you hype it up before even ride it.

So, if you’ve never ridden the monorail from Westlake Shopping Centre to the Space Needle and you do decide to try it out, go with low expectations, maybe then it’ll seem great.

Day 65: Sailing into the Sunset

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Whenever I travel to some other city or country and tell people I’m from Seattle, I always get at least one response from someone saying “Seattle is such a beautiful city!” I find myself nodding in agreement and realizing that for however much I may have wanted to go on whatever trip that to see something beautiful outside of my home city, I had something beautiful in my backyard the whole time, I just needed someone to remind me.

This picture was taken after work; it wasn’t raining outside for once so I decided to go on a walk to see what kind of pictures I could capture. This is one of quite of few of them that I liked.

Day 63: Shoes


ImageMy husband will tell you that when he first met me, I had a shopping addiction, especially when it came to shoes. Over the course of our marriage, I will say that he has made me into a smarter, more frugal person. It has gotten to the point where he does more shopping than I do, or I’ll go to the Outlet for the outlet Nike store (the outlet store that sells the store the Nike outlet couldn’t sell), and walk out the doors empty handed even if everything is dirt cheap.

I guess that the question that ultimately runs through my mind, regardless of price, is do I really need that? Most times, I reason that I am able to survive without a pair of sweats, even if they are $10 at the outlet for the outlet.

Today, I was out on a mission to spend some money. I had just gotten paid/ a raise/a bonus and I thought to myself, you know what? go get yourself something nice. So I went to the mall and had seen them on the way in. It was the color that caught my eye, but I have tons of pump as it is so dismissed getting them.

An hour and a half later, I was exiting the same store I came in empty handed. I had gone through the entire mall, ventured through every store I cared about, and had bought nothing. Still I was determined to treat myself, so I tried on a few shoes before requesting to try the ones that had caught my eye. Immediately, I felt myself get giddy. I was going to get them.

I don’t plan on doing anymore impulse shopping anytime soon, but I will say that it did feel nice to buy something I would not normally buy. I deserve something nice once in a while.

Day 62: Poker

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ImageWhen I was in college, I had a friend who dated a guy who would go to Vegas and compete in poker tournaments. He didn’t actually win the tournament or anything, but he went far enough in the competition to make himself some pretty good money and buy my friend some designer things.

Of course I was jealous. I was in college, working a mall job that made me enough money for my food expenditures and a little shopping, but purchasing a Burberry bag or Marc Jacobs watch was unfathomable to me. My friend was lucky in that aspect.

But my friend is no longer dating the poker guy so I don’t really know what’s going on with him, but I was reminded of him when my husband had a poker night. I wondered what he was up to, whether he was still competing in poker tournaments. It’s hard for me to think of ‘playing poker’ as something that people do for a living, but I guess so. There was this episode on MTV True Life (I just happened to be switching channels) and the episode was about young millionaires. One of the guys they documented had just won a large winning during a past tournament, but was struggling to keep his spending under wraps until his next big win. Apparently, he had entered a few more tournaments after his big win, but had left within nothing.

It made me think that it must be hard living that life. Sure you can become a millionaire in a single tournament, but ultimately it sometimes takes a little bit of luck to keep on winning. This particular poker player that was documented was relying on a next big win to keep his spending up, but as I was watching this, the rational part of me was just like why don’t you invest that money into something that will be profitable instead of spending it? But hey, maybe it’s just me.

Day 59 : Origami

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ImageMy friend Maria was the first of my little friend group to get married. It made sense that she would be: she was my age, but had always been so much more mature.

I was one of her bridesmaids, helping her in whatever she needed help in, but one thing she didn’t allow me to help with was the making of paper cranes. Whether it was some sort of legend or something that she read, she was on this project to make thousands of these paper cranes. I don’t remember the exact number she needed to make, but they were supposed to teach her ‘patience’… or something, which was a challenge, because I don’t think she was that patient of a person.

Seeing this crane display at a local Asian store reminded me of my friend and her little project. Each one of the cranes looked crisp and perfect: I know that I have tried making a few cranes, and they did not end up looking that great, but perhaps if I practiced and wasn’t in a rush as I had been at the time that I made the cranes, they might look just as good

Day 57: Happy Hour

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Whoever came up with the concept of Happy Hour is genius.

February is my anniversary month for being at my company. 7 years. I needed a drink

 I didn’t expect to stay at my company for so long, I took it right out of college, it wasn’t too bad of a job and I was good at it. Over the years, my job sent me on a couple of trips overseas, gave me a few promotions,  supported my shopping adventures, and the next thing I knew.. BAM! 7 years. Where has the time gone?

I feel like I’m at a pivotal point in my ‘career’: I’m almost turning 30, I’m starting to ask myself if what I am doing is what I want to be doing for the rest of my life. My obvious answer to that question is ‘no’, but I think my biggest characteristic flaw is that I’m not a risk taker and tend to play it safe.

I am hoping that I am not going to be in the same spot in life 7 years from now, but know that in order for my life to change, I need to create change, not just wait for it to happen.

Anyways, I’ll get off my soap box. This picture was taking during my Happy Hour celebration for my anniversary. I never go to these type of after work functions, but decided I probably should, since it was supposed to be for me.

Day 55: Portrait of Gage

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It seems only fair that if I took a picture of one dog, that I take a picture of the other.

My dog Gage never takes any photogenic pictures, in my opinion. In past photographs, he has held nervous looks or moved so the picture has become blurry, so a majority of pictures taken I never was satisfied with

However, I decided take a picture of him before I gave him a treat and took this picture.

I think what grabs me about this picture is the portrayal of these intelligent eyes that seem to be knowing that something is going happen, that I’m going to give him a treat. Or perhaps its a look of wonderment, like what are you going to do next?  I don’t know, it’s subjective what his expression is saying, but regardless of what it’s saying – I think it’s a great picture