March 10 2017: Yogurt Bowl

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yogurt bowl (1 of 1)

Yogurt Bowl from this place called Raw Remedy.

This was a friends yogurt bowl and it looked too delish not to take a picture of before eating. I got one of their smoothies which was pretty good. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was purple and it tasted like it was healthy. I know this because usually with unhealthy stuff there’s just too much sugar from un-natural stuff… and chocolate.


March 2, 2016: Fruit

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I took this photo late at night after realizing that I had to do this photo challenge.

“Fruit!, I kept telling myself. “I need fruit!.

and so I found dried fruit, but the picture came out a little blurry. I was too lazy and tired to find another fruit and take a better picture and I settled. But I promise to take better pictures in the future. I realize that if I want to get better, I can’t be lazy.

Day 93 : Chocolate Covered Strawberries




I’ve been trying to follow a more healthier diet with the coming of summer, and with that, a few trips that are pending to occur. These trips are to nice and  sunny locations (Vegas and Cabo) that will inevitably have very attractive people everywhere.

Queue in the need to diet and exercise.

Not that I’m unattractive and out of shape, but I can admit when there’s room for improvement. Like, if I poke my stomach and there’s a little bit of a wiggle, I think that’s a good indication that I maybe should tone up a bit.

I’m finding that eating a healthy, balanced diet is the hardest thing ever. I enjoy my vanilla lattes, and my sugar and sweets – but realize that I can never reach any goal that I set out there (Unless my goal is to eat sweets) if I eat the way that I have been eating.

This pictures was taken when I was having a weak moment. I couldn’t help it; a coworker was just coming around with these, and they were just so beautiful, I couldn’t resist. It was delish and it’s not like it’s all that bad, but  – I probably do need to get better at resisting bad foods when they’re right in front of me.

Day 88: Trader Joes




I’m not a regular Trader Joe’s shopper due to the closet Trader Joe’s store being 15 minutes away (which by my standards, is a little too far away) but I had heard that their wine selection was pretty good with pretty good prices. So I ventures out, 15 minutes to the nearest Trader Joe’s for the sole purpose of buying wine. My conclusion? They’re wine selection looked pretty decent. I ended up purchasing 6 bottles of wine and probably would have purchased more, if not for my conscience telling me that I didn’t need to. They ended up costing around $50.00. Probably will go there again to buy wine sometime.

Day 81: How do you like them Apples


IMG_9977Honeycrisp apples are probably the best apples in existence, which is why they are super expensive. I think I probably spend about $10 on average a week buying apples for my husband and I, which I know is ridiculous, but they’re just so good. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest you go to your local market and find yourself a honeycrisp apple; then you will understand.


Day 77 : Overpriced Steak

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ImageWhen I first got my DSLR camera and got into photography, I insisted on buying a camera bag that reflected my personality as a potential artist. I didn’t want a plain black camera bag that blended in with all the other plain black camera bags that every other person with a camera and I didn’t want price to get in the way. I didn’t want to go over board, but I didn’t want something that would ware and tear easily as something cheap would be expected to do. 

So I ended up buying this camera messenger bag for $150: it was blue, had 3 compartments for lenses and camera body, had a section for laptop, and numerous other pockets for random things. At first I loved it, I would bring it everywhere I took my camera with me. However I soon realized how it wasn’t  functional: it was big and because there were a lot of pockets i carried a lot things other than my camera, thus making it especially heavy. This was inconvenient when I went on long walks while taking pictures and my shoulders would begin to hurt. Worst of all, I’ve had some comments on it looking like a diapor bag, which was on the artistic persona I wanted to portray.

This is kind of how my bag looks like.


This was found on the site for a brand name Epiphanie.

Anyways, you might be asking what does this bag have anything to do with the picture of the steak? Well, like the bag, the steak was overpriced. My friends and I went to this steak place called Millers Guild. It’s a pretty fancy, trendy place. With a pretty fancy place and pretty pricey steaks (the above steak was $60), one would expect a foodgasm in the mouth (at least I do) but I didn’t get that. It was good, but it wasn’t it wasn’t $60 good. It was cooked perfectly, but the flavoring was subpar to what I would want a steak at that rate to taste like. Which proves a point a lot of people say: just because something is overpriced, doesn’t mean it’s good.

Day 75: Upright Brewery



There is only one scenario that I really drink beer in, and that is when in a bar/pub setting. The rest of the time, the thought of drinking beer makes my face scrunch in expression. On a rare occasion, I’ll maybe request a beer if I’m doing a normal thing like watching tv, but it just isn’t my preferred drink.

I have been learning to like it though: Compared to 5 years ago,  I don’t scrunch my face as much as I used to, and I’ll actually suggest having a beer with my meal or going to a brewery – like the one we went to in a recent trip to Portland.

I want the brewery experience.” he had said on the drive there. “I want to go to someplace that does the brewing right then and there and you can get the beers at it’s freshest.

After searching on yelp, we chose to go to Upright Brewery, a brewery located on a basement of some building next to the Rose Quarter. It was exactly the experience that my husband was looking for, with the kegs, and freshly brewed beer waiting to be tapped. We shared 9 different beers to taste, at 1.50 per little glass and I will say that by the end of it, it was probably the best beer experience that I had, ever. I thought the beer was so good, I took sips from all of them, which says a lot of because like I said, beer is not my to choice for drinks.

Here is a picture of my husband, taking a picture of the 9 beers. I don’t remember what any of them were, but I remember at the end of it, I was pretty tipsy .


Day 46: Baking

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ImageWent to a brunch today and decided to make this donut called Malasadas. Malasadas are a Portuguese donut that are famously eaten in Hawaii. Having grown up in Hawaii, I had often eaten it for breakfasts, but had not eaten it in since moving to the Mainland.

A while ago, I decided to tackle making it and while I found it to be such a time consuming task,  the company for whom I made it for raved about it.  This morning, I made it again for a brunch, and it was again a hit. Should I quite my day job and become a professional malasada maker? ehh, I don’t know about that, but will definitely make it again for another occasion.

Day 35 : Filipino Food

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ImageI grew up on Filipino food. Everyday, coming home from school, my mom would have food waiting for me, like adobo, fried fish, or some type of soup. Everything with rice, or course.

As I grew older, I started to eat a little more healthier, something that a lot of Filipino foods are not. A majority of Filipinos, as they get older, develop heart problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure, something is probably caused by diet. I have replaced white rice with brown, eaten more veges, and cut back on the salt.

Occassionally, I do have cravings for Filipino food. Like today. So I went to a place called Kusina FIlipino in the Beacon Hill area of Seattle where I bought adobo chicken, and mungo bean soup. I was delish, although – having cut my diet of salt, I could definitely tell that the mungo bean was salty.

My meal satiated my Filipino food craving, for the time being. Until next time…

Day 32: Gameday



Superbowl Sunday.

It is a day that a majority of Americans spend glued to the TV, watching the football game and ads, and eating. Its a big deal, up there in the top 10 list of holidays, right up there with Christmas and Easter.

This pass weekend I spent watching Superbowl at the same friends house I’ve watched pratically every Seahawk game this season. I sat right next to the table of food. It was strategic since I tend to stress-eat when im cheering on a team. Turns out, with an ending score of 43-8, I really didnt have much to stress about.

There was so much food at this year’s superbowl party: ribs, cakes, I made tater tot casserole. There was so much food, that there was not one dish that got completely eaten.