March 16 : Skull Rock


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During a visit to Palm Springs with some friends, we visited Joshua Tree National Park. We didn’t go through the whole park (they say it takes 2 hours to drive through with no stops), but we did make some stops along along the way, including stopping at  Skull Rock . The rock formations around the park as a whole were impressive, but it’s pretty cool to see how nature decided to make this ‘skull rock’.

Definitely would suggest going and seeing the park if you ever get a chance. It’s great to be in nature because sometimes when you’re stuck in the city or in the burbs where there’s a Target 10 minutes, you forget how great nature is.


March 10 2017: Yogurt Bowl

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yogurt bowl (1 of 1)

Yogurt Bowl from this place called Raw Remedy.

This was a friends yogurt bowl and it looked too delish not to take a picture of before eating. I got one of their smoothies which was pretty good. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was purple and it tasted like it was healthy. I know this because usually with unhealthy stuff there’s just too much sugar from un-natural stuff… and chocolate.