Day 93 : Chocolate Covered Strawberries




I’ve been trying to follow a more healthier diet with the coming of summer, and with that, a few trips that are pending to occur. These trips are to nice and  sunny locations (Vegas and Cabo) that will inevitably have very attractive people everywhere.

Queue in the need to diet and exercise.

Not that I’m unattractive and out of shape, but I can admit when there’s room for improvement. Like, if I poke my stomach and there’s a little bit of a wiggle, I think that’s a good indication that I maybe should tone up a bit.

I’m finding that eating a healthy, balanced diet is the hardest thing ever. I enjoy my vanilla lattes, and my sugar and sweets – but realize that I can never reach any goal that I set out there (Unless my goal is to eat sweets) if I eat the way that I have been eating.

This pictures was taken when I was having a weak moment. I couldn’t help it; a coworker was just coming around with these, and they were just so beautiful, I couldn’t resist. It was delish and it’s not like it’s all that bad, but  – I probably do need to get better at resisting bad foods when they’re right in front of me.


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