Day 101 : New Seahawks Sweatshirt





Marshawn Lynch is a football player who besides being known for his skills on the field, is known for his dislike for interviews. When media day came for this past year’s superbowl, the most famous line that everyone seemed to be quoting the next day was “I’m about that action boss”, which I think was response Lynch had to for Sanders about why he didn’t like interviews. 

When i saw this sweatshirt on sale, I had to get it. Unfortunately, it took a whole month for me to get it, but I finally got it. 🙂 


Day 100 : Nail Polish




I have an obsession with nail polish. Seriously, every time I go to the grocery store, I buy a nail polish; and not the cheap kind that costs 99 Cents, but the ones that average to around $9. I can’t even imagine how much money was spent with nail polish over the years, but the cost probably beats going to the nail salon to do you nails. 

Day 98 : ChinaTown


ImageEvery major city has their own version of ‘Chinatown’. I haven’t been to very many Chinatowns, so I don’t know how Seattle’s Chinatown ranks among the other Chinatowns that exist in the world. I’m guessing those who are frequent visitors of Chinatowns all over the world would find it unimpressive. In my opinion, it’s smaller than what I would imagine a “Chinatown” to be. Needless to say, the Seattle Chinatown has it good share of delicious Chinese restaurants: KauKua, Uwajimaya, a number of dimsum places, to name a few. Just thinking about Chinese food is making me hungry.

Day 96 : New Toys


ImageMy husband has never been a gamer. However, during a recent visit to a friend’s house who did have the new PS4, my husband played Call of Duty for the first time.

I could tell he enjoyed it; watching him play was not enjoyable for me, but girls don’t generally like video games so…

I decided to set aside my dislike for video games and purchase him one. It was an impulse buy, and I would’ve rather spend a million other things like shoes and clothes for myself, than buy a (what I think to be) overpriced gaming console, but I’d like to think it was an act of love.  Best wifey ever? I hope so…

Day 95 : Market Entertainment


ImageI have this weird thing about taking pictures of people who entertain in the market. It’s like, if I take a picture of them, I feel obliged to give them a dollar, when I really don’t want to.

I learned my lesson on a trip to the Caribbean: while a sitting on a beach a local came by with his little monkey. The monkey had on a mini-Lakers jersey and shorts that fitted him. My first instinct was oh how cute! 

“Do you want to take a picture,” the local asked.

“Sure,” I had excitedly said and I proceed to take pictures

After I had taken a few photographs, the local requested I pay him.

“Uhm excuse me? ” I asked.

“5 American Dollars,’ he said.

In my head I was like, shit – you should have told me instead of making me believe that it was for free. I ended up not making a deal out of it but, in the midst of my anger, decided not to head down that pathway again. Everytime I saw someone with a monkey, I declined to take a picture or would completely ignore them. I couldn’t really get mad at them per se… they were trying to make a living for themelves. Beisdes, what’s $5 USD? It’s nothing to us, but to someone trying to make a living, it’s probably a lot. Regardless, I learned my lesson and it has obviously made me wary about market street performers.

Day 94 : Gifts from Hawaii




I was just having this craving for Poke. I have tried making poke from a few recipes that I found on the internet, but none of them lived up to par to what I had tasted in previous occasions. A have a few friends who have made poke from scratch for a few parties, but when I asked what the recipe was, they completely forgot what it was, claiming that they had just winged it. 

Just when I was going to give up on finding a recipe, my aunt from Hawaii sends me this card wiht a packet of poke mix in the card. Will definitely have to try this out. 

Day 93 : Chocolate Covered Strawberries




I’ve been trying to follow a more healthier diet with the coming of summer, and with that, a few trips that are pending to occur. These trips are to nice and  sunny locations (Vegas and Cabo) that will inevitably have very attractive people everywhere.

Queue in the need to diet and exercise.

Not that I’m unattractive and out of shape, but I can admit when there’s room for improvement. Like, if I poke my stomach and there’s a little bit of a wiggle, I think that’s a good indication that I maybe should tone up a bit.

I’m finding that eating a healthy, balanced diet is the hardest thing ever. I enjoy my vanilla lattes, and my sugar and sweets – but realize that I can never reach any goal that I set out there (Unless my goal is to eat sweets) if I eat the way that I have been eating.

This pictures was taken when I was having a weak moment. I couldn’t help it; a coworker was just coming around with these, and they were just so beautiful, I couldn’t resist. It was delish and it’s not like it’s all that bad, but  – I probably do need to get better at resisting bad foods when they’re right in front of me.

Day 92 : Puppy Kisses




I’ve been really slacking with this photo-blog. My excuse? Lent. 

For Lent, my husband and I decided to give up electronics, kind of. We decided give up electronics after 7. So from 7pm up until the time we wake up,   This makes it impossible to do the normal leisurely internet things that we normally do, but …I guess that’s the whole point of Lent, right? 

Anyways, trying to catch up with these entries while at work, because this (obviously)is a priority. 

This picture was taken while Yoda was staying with my husband and I. After a few dies of high intensity of playing, she calmed down a bit. She still wanted to play, but there were moments where she was content with just laying around, or showing affection, as in this picture. 

It made me wonder if my dogs were as hyper when they were 4 months old. We had adopted them when they were about a year and were fairly well-behaved, so never experienced the joys of raising a puppy.