Day 77 : Overpriced Steak

Food, In the City

ImageWhen I first got my DSLR camera and got into photography, I insisted on buying a camera bag that reflected my personality as a potential artist. I didn’t want a plain black camera bag that blended in with all the other plain black camera bags that every other person with a camera and I didn’t want price to get in the way. I didn’t want to go over board, but I didn’t want something that would ware and tear easily as something cheap would be expected to do. 

So I ended up buying this camera messenger bag for $150: it was blue, had 3 compartments for lenses and camera body, had a section for laptop, and numerous other pockets for random things. At first I loved it, I would bring it everywhere I took my camera with me. However I soon realized how it wasn’t  functional: it was big and because there were a lot of pockets i carried a lot things other than my camera, thus making it especially heavy. This was inconvenient when I went on long walks while taking pictures and my shoulders would begin to hurt. Worst of all, I’ve had some comments on it looking like a diapor bag, which was on the artistic persona I wanted to portray.

This is kind of how my bag looks like.


This was found on the site for a brand name Epiphanie.

Anyways, you might be asking what does this bag have anything to do with the picture of the steak? Well, like the bag, the steak was overpriced. My friends and I went to this steak place called Millers Guild. It’s a pretty fancy, trendy place. With a pretty fancy place and pretty pricey steaks (the above steak was $60), one would expect a foodgasm in the mouth (at least I do) but I didn’t get that. It was good, but it wasn’t it wasn’t $60 good. It was cooked perfectly, but the flavoring was subpar to what I would want a steak at that rate to taste like. Which proves a point a lot of people say: just because something is overpriced, doesn’t mean it’s good.


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