Day 76: Portland, OR

In the City

ImageGooglemaps times the trip from my house to Portland to 3 hours and 15 minutes. It is not a far drive, and is an even shorter plane ride – which interestingly on the one flight that I took from Portland to Seattle in my life, I was given complimentary beer for the one hour trip.

While it is a city that is close enough to make an occasional weekend trip to and not notice differences between the neighboring city of Seattle, a closer look and comparison shows that there are indeed fact differences.

For instance, the lines…

For one reason or another, I have stood in more lines waiting for food in Portland than I have in Seattle, and I have only been there a few times, whereas I have lived in Seattle for more than half of my life and hardly every stand in lines. The lines to Portland eateries are consistant, and I’ve known other people have stood in them there as well,  which brings up another difference – I feel like people in Portland are more into food than in people Seattle. I mean, Seattle has it’s own sort of food culture, but I don’t think it’s one warrants foods lines on a regular basis.  In having so many are infamous breakfast joints and food trucks and brewery spots that are always so packed, Portland is a great place to be a self proclaimed foodie.

There are other differences as well between the neighboring cities: the streets are cleaner in Portland, the roads are different, I feel like there are more bikers in Portland than Seattle, there’s no tax (which is a big sell for shoppers like myself), Portland even has an NBA team, which is something I think many Seattle-lites are bitter about

Why did you have to take our Sonics away? Whyyyy?!?

I may be making Portland sound like a better city, which – I don’t know about that. It’s just different city, but in the end, despite our lack of NBA team and clean streets and sub par attempts to recycle, I still have a lot of pride for my city and call it home.


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