Day 75: Upright Brewery



There is only one scenario that I really drink beer in, and that is when in a bar/pub setting. The rest of the time, the thought of drinking beer makes my face scrunch in expression. On a rare occasion, I’ll maybe request a beer if I’m doing a normal thing like watching tv, but it just isn’t my preferred drink.

I have been learning to like it though: Compared to 5 years ago,  I don’t scrunch my face as much as I used to, and I’ll actually suggest having a beer with my meal or going to a brewery – like the one we went to in a recent trip to Portland.

I want the brewery experience.” he had said on the drive there. “I want to go to someplace that does the brewing right then and there and you can get the beers at it’s freshest.

After searching on yelp, we chose to go to Upright Brewery, a brewery located on a basement of some building next to the Rose Quarter. It was exactly the experience that my husband was looking for, with the kegs, and freshly brewed beer waiting to be tapped. We shared 9 different beers to taste, at 1.50 per little glass and I will say that by the end of it, it was probably the best beer experience that I had, ever. I thought the beer was so good, I took sips from all of them, which says a lot of because like I said, beer is not my to choice for drinks.

Here is a picture of my husband, taking a picture of the 9 beers. I don’t remember what any of them were, but I remember at the end of it, I was pretty tipsy .



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