Day 74: The Dog Bath


ImageDuring the summer, we spray our dogs with the hose out in the backyard for their baths. Then we soap them up, and spray them off again. The dogs love it: They chase the water stream up and down the yard, and will get excited just by you stand by the garden hose.

This method is only practiced during the 3 months of the year when the weather is actually decent and it’s not raining. Such is the weather of the Pacific Northwest.  We had to find a solution for those winter months when it was too cold for outdoor baths. So we decided on giving them baths in the tub in our bathroom. It is a tub we never use so we weren’t really worried about ‘grossing it out with dog hair’.  During these indoor bath times,  my husband will pick up our dogs and put them in the tub – which is not an easy feat as our dogs weigh around 60 lbs each. The dogs surprisingly do not wiggle as they are lifted up and set into the tub. They then sit patiently as my husband heats the water to bathing temperature, fills a plastic cup and proceeds to rinse them. They continue to sit patiently as they are lathered with soap, and then rinsed again.

This picture was taken of my dog Coco as she was being rinsed. Her face in the picture is how she looked the whole time she was being bathed. It was adorable. I’m just glad that bathing my dogs in the tub is not as much of a problem as I thought it would be.


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