Day 72: Buffalo Wild Wings


ImageI feel like Seattle is late to the game when it comes to really good food chains.

But when it did, it opened in a city a couple of hours from where I live. I was bummed, but a couple of months later there was word that it was opening 15 minutes away from me. 

I don’t remember what my husband and I were doing, but we were driving by – what was at the time – the construction for the new Buffalo Wild Wings that was closer to me. I shrieked.

“What !?! What?!?” my husband asked.

“It’s Buffalo Wild Wings!!” I screamed as i pointed in the direction of the construction.

My husband did not share in my enthusiasm at the time 

“The Fuck!”, he said. “I though someone crashed or something. Or someone died.”

I admit, my reaction have been over reacting, but I was excited. A Buffalo Wild Wings near me! Now I could go there whenever I had a craving for it and not have to drive 2 hours for it. 

Last week Thursday, Buffalo Wild Wings felt like the right thing to do. It was my Friday, I had the day off for the next 4 days, I felt I needed something good to celebrate. Queue in wings. 

It was so good.


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