Day 71: Better things out there

The office

ImageSometimes you don’t know how crappy you have it, until you experience something better.

An old coworker invited me and another guy out to lunch. Afterwards he showed us to his new office which was a couple of blocks away from mine. Let me say, his work is so much more awesome than where I work: there’s beer in the fridge, they do karaoke on Wednesdays, they have a constant supply of milk and other drinks, the conference rooms are soundproof and have these pads outside the doors that is a sort of calender that tells you if a conference is open / when the next meeting is. I know some of you might be like this is old news, my office has had that for years, but I don’t get out much and  it’s new to me. The possibility of there existing an office that could have a more fun environment than where I work was unfathomable before I visited this ex-coworkers office. Now, I realize how lacking my work environment: no karaoke, no beer in the fridge, free candy lying around. There are better things out there.


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