Day 70: Spring is in the Air

In the City


It has been a few days since the ‘Spring Forward’ one hour time change and holy shit did I feel it today. I drank a double shot of coffee, had a Starbucks refresher in the afternoon, and still felt like I didn’t get enough sleep the night before. But I’ve heard it said that when you ‘spring forward’, it usually takes a couple of days to adjust. It just sucks because I feel really drained.

Today was also one of the first really nice sunny days in what felt like a long time for Seattle. Or… maybe we had one not too long ago, but the rain and dreary grey made it seem like a longer interval than it actually was.

The point is, it was a warm day in Seattle. Close to 60 degrees, I believe.

I feel like when the sun shines in Seattle, regardless if it is cold or warm, some women feel the need to wear skirts. I don’t know if it’s a Seattle thing or what, but I swear to God, I saw a handful of girls wearing their spring dresses like it was warmer then it was, while I was still wearing a bubble jacket and jeans.

I sort of get it: it’s grey and stupid 8 months of the year that as a woman, when the sun does shine,  there is this want and sense of anxiousness to start wearing the happier spring stuff that’s been stored for the past 8 months. I do feel that impatience – I have shoes I want to wearing, dresses I bought in anticipation of spring – but I would rather be warm than wear something that would freeze my butt off. Besides, my legs are untanned, would be an embarrassment for the world to see.

This picture was taken outside of my work building. Every season, they change the flowers or setting in the flower pots that line the entrance. The flowers in this one are very spring-like.


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