Day 69: Seagulls

In the City


I’ve never been pooped on by a seagull, so I don’t have any malicious feelings towards them. I’ve known people who’ve been pooped on by a seagull and will curse at the very thought of one, but I’ve never had that unfortunate experience happen to me.  To me, they’re just a majestic backdrop to the Seattle Northwest scenery.

I feel like seagulls in Canada are a whole different story: they’re bigger, and larger, and show no fear as they snatch food right out of the hands of people. I know, because I had that happen to me.

It was the Winter of 2009, and my friends and I were on our way up to Whistler for a weekend of relaxation. Well, I was going for a weekend of relaxation, my other friends were going to snowboard. We stopped over in Vancouver, BC to the Granville Market. It’s an indoor market located on the pier of the island of Granville in the city of Vancouver. I had grabbed some springrolls at one of the restaurants in the market and stepped outside for a bit of fresh air. I had one bite of springroll left, held it in my hand, but was distracted by the scenery of Granville Island to immediately take my last bite

Then, SNATCH! A seagull had dived down, grabbed my last bite of springroll from my fingers and flew off. I could do nothing else but stand there, mouth ajar, in a moment of shock. A Seattle seagull would never do that! I thought to myself. What made Seattle seagulls that much different from seagulls in Canada where Canadian seagulls rudely snatched food out of people’s hand? 

I was probably being unfair in my reason of thought. I mean, maybe Seattle seagulls are just as aggressively fearless and I don’t go outside enough to have experienced a seagull in Seattle snatch food out of my hand? Or maybe I’ve just been lucky in the past to having never been pooped on?  I don’t know. I still find it hard to shed that animosity – for lack of a better word – against Seagulls in Canada .


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