Day 68: Dexter


ImageI know, another picture of a dog.

This dog’s name is Dexter. His owner (we’ll call him ‘The Hoff’) is off on a business trip to China and asked if we could watch his dog. Being the dog lovers that we are, my husband and I were happy to do so.

I wasn’t always a dog lover though, I was more of a cat person growing up. Now the dogs that I have are like my babies. You know how people talk about their kids (My kid does this, or that)? That’s how I am with my dogs. I taught my dog a new trick. I took my dogs to the park. I took my dogs on a play date. Dogs, Dogs, dogs….

Anyways, having Dexter is always fun. Although with all that fur, he leaves clumps of it in the spots where he lays, but no use cleaning that up we’ll have to clean that up after he leaves.


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