Day 66 : The Seattle Monorail

Fun, In the City

ImageIn a recent online article I read in the Seattle Times, the monorail is perhaps one of the most overrated tourist attractions in Seattle.

Having lived in Seattle over half my life, I would say that I concur. I have ridden the monorail once, when I first moved here (so like 12) I wasn’t aware of the price at the time, but now being $2.25, it’s not expensive or anything, but is unimpressive if in you’re head you hype it up before even ride it.

So, if you’ve never ridden the monorail from Westlake Shopping Centre to the Space Needle and you do decide to try it out, go with low expectations, maybe then it’ll seem great.


One thought on “Day 66 : The Seattle Monorail

  1. When I used to live at the base of Queen Anne Hill, I used to ride the monorail all the time to get to Downtown. And, even then, I thought it was unimpressive.

    I once overheard two tourists actually say: “So this thing circles all around that lake, right?” “Yeah, I think so.”

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