Day 63: Shoes


ImageMy husband will tell you that when he first met me, I had a shopping addiction, especially when it came to shoes. Over the course of our marriage, I will say that he has made me into a smarter, more frugal person. It has gotten to the point where he does more shopping than I do, or I’ll go to the Outlet for the outlet Nike store (the outlet store that sells the store the Nike outlet couldn’t sell), and walk out the doors empty handed even if everything is dirt cheap.

I guess that the question that ultimately runs through my mind, regardless of price, is do I really need that? Most times, I reason that I am able to survive without a pair of sweats, even if they are $10 at the outlet for the outlet.

Today, I was out on a mission to spend some money. I had just gotten paid/ a raise/a bonus and I thought to myself, you know what? go get yourself something nice. So I went to the mall and had seen them on the way in. It was the color that caught my eye, but I have tons of pump as it is so dismissed getting them.

An hour and a half later, I was exiting the same store I came in empty handed. I had gone through the entire mall, ventured through every store I cared about, and had bought nothing. Still I was determined to treat myself, so I tried on a few shoes before requesting to try the ones that had caught my eye. Immediately, I felt myself get giddy. I was going to get them.

I don’t plan on doing anymore impulse shopping anytime soon, but I will say that it did feel nice to buy something I would not normally buy. I deserve something nice once in a while.


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