Day 62: Poker

Fun, Homelife, People People People

ImageWhen I was in college, I had a friend who dated a guy who would go to Vegas and compete in poker tournaments. He didn’t actually win the tournament or anything, but he went far enough in the competition to make himself some pretty good money and buy my friend some designer things.

Of course I was jealous. I was in college, working a mall job that made me enough money for my food expenditures and a little shopping, but purchasing a Burberry bag or Marc Jacobs watch was unfathomable to me. My friend was lucky in that aspect.

But my friend is no longer dating the poker guy so I don’t really know what’s going on with him, but I was reminded of him when my husband had a poker night. I wondered what he was up to, whether he was still competing in poker tournaments. It’s hard for me to think of ‘playing poker’ as something that people do for a living, but I guess so. There was this episode on MTV True Life (I just happened to be switching channels) and the episode was about young millionaires. One of the guys they documented had just won a large winning during a past tournament, but was struggling to keep his spending under wraps until his next big win. Apparently, he had entered a few more tournaments after his big win, but had left within nothing.

It made me think that it must be hard living that life. Sure you can become a millionaire in a single tournament, but ultimately it sometimes takes a little bit of luck to keep on winning. This particular poker player that was documented was relying on a next big win to keep his spending up, but as I was watching this, the rational part of me was just like why don’t you invest that money into something that will be profitable instead of spending it? But hey, maybe it’s just me.


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