Day 60 : The Bible



They say that the Bible is the most read book in the world. I believe that to true, but I wonder how many people have actually read the whole book? Front to back. Word for Word

When I was younger, I had tried, making it only to the ending of Genesis and maybe a few books afterwards. There were multiple tries, but never made it far. The Bible, especially the first part of it, is a little hard to understand, especially for a 14 year old kid. Through the years, having backgrounds learned about the books and about the times has definitely helped for me to understand and appreciate the Bible, but I still feel it a bit challenging at times.


One thought on “Day 60 : The Bible

  1. I was thinking of this just a few days ago – they really just re-write the Bible to fit into the way things are written now-a-days.
    I too have tried to read the Bible a few times. I cannot remember where it is, but there’s a place you get to and there’s nothing happening apart from pages upon pages of who were the parents of who.
    The Bible should be shortened down – drastically, and written in modern language that makes sense. Do we really need to know who fathered who for ages to get the message? I don’t think so.
    I’ve only met one person I know for a fact that’s read the whole Bible (even my Christianity teacher in school hadn’t read the whole thing), although I’ve never asked any of the theology scholars I’ve known if they’ve actually read the whole thing.

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