Day 59 : Origami

Fun, In the City

ImageMy friend Maria was the first of my little friend group to get married. It made sense that she would be: she was my age, but had always been so much more mature.

I was one of her bridesmaids, helping her in whatever she needed help in, but one thing she didn’t allow me to help with was the making of paper cranes. Whether it was some sort of legend or something that she read, she was on this project to make thousands of these paper cranes. I don’t remember the exact number she needed to make, but they were supposed to teach her ‘patience’… or something, which was a challenge, because I don’t think she was that patient of a person.

Seeing this crane display at a local Asian store reminded me of my friend and her little project. Each one of the cranes looked crisp and perfect: I know that I have tried making a few cranes, and they did not end up looking that great, but perhaps if I practiced and wasn’t in a rush as I had been at the time that I made the cranes, they might look just as good


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