Day 86 : Tug of War


ImageThis doberman has so much energy. She’s a puppy, but I don’t even remember my own dogs having that much energy when they were younger. Actually, I remember thinking about them having a lot of energy, but not as much as this one. It’s been fun thought. She has been playing, and bonding/


Day 83 : Spring is Everywhere

In the City, The office



Spring is everywhere! It’s warmer, there are flowers blooming, there is more light to the day, and everyone is just in a general happier mood.

This picture was taking outside of the building of my work. There are these big planter vases with these trees that bloom once a year around this time and are such pretty flowers, it’s just too bad they only last for a good week, but might as well enjoy them while I can.

Day 82 : Panda Express




Ever since my husband and I decided to go to Las Vegas for a friend’s birthday, we’ve been on a healthy diet where we’re supposed to eat healthy and workout, but are allowing ourselves one cheat meal a week. This week, the cheat meal was Panda Express, an idea thought of by yours truly. 

There’s something about that orange chicken that satisfies that need for unhealthy Chinese food. After finishing my Panda Bowl of orange chicken and fried rice, I was not disappointed.  I was completely satiated and happy. 

The meal came with a fortune cookie. Unfortunately, I feel like the quality of ‘fortunes’ in fortune cookies have declined. Like, they’re not even fortunes anymore, but advice on how to be a good person, which is all great and dandy, but people eat fortune cookies to get fortunes, not advice. Before, fortune cookies would say things like “You will inherit a big amount of money”. Whether or not it really was going to happen is a different story, but I know reading them made my day a little bit better and I hung on to some of those paper fortunes with the hope that they might come true.

Now, I just toss these fortune advises away. 

Day 81: How do you like them Apples


IMG_9977Honeycrisp apples are probably the best apples in existence, which is why they are super expensive. I think I probably spend about $10 on average a week buying apples for my husband and I, which I know is ridiculous, but they’re just so good. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I suggest you go to your local market and find yourself a honeycrisp apple; then you will understand.


Day 79 : Pike and Pike


ImageThe first of spring was spent going to the iconic Pike Place Market. It was a beautiful day in Seattle, and they were giving out free flowers in celebration. People even seemed to be in better moods. As my friend and I were going on the bus to go to Pikes, an older lady steps out and yells out 

“Smile ya’ll! It’s the first day of spring ya’ll. Time to smile!”

That in itself made me smile.

Day 78 : Korean



In college, I took Japanese for a year. It was a fun class, but difficult in that we had to learn the characters at a rapid pace: 10 new characters by Tuesday, 10 new characters by Thursday and quizes were given that were a comprehensive test of not only the new characters that you were supposed to study for, but old ones as well. You can imagine that by the end of the quarter, it was Asian character overload.

I saw this sign at a Korean BBQ joint and thought it looked pretty cool. I was reminded of my Japanese studies, and lamented over the fact that despite all my studying of Japanese characters, I did not remember any of it. O-well.