Day 56: Alleys

In the City, The office

ImageWhen I first started working in the city, my mom would call me up to say ‘hi’ and check up on me.

Mom: What are you doing?

Me: Walking to the bus

Mom: Are you walking by yourself?

Me: There’s people around

Mom: Don’t go walking in the alleys.

My mother is one of mothers who worries a lot, which – every good mother worries about their children, but my mother gets overly worried.  I was probably in my early 20’s when she advised me not to go into alleys. It’s not like I ever had a reason to, and like I said – I understood why she worried about me, but sometimes I would say things just to mess with her.

Me: But it’s the only way to get to my bus stop

This would only worry her even more and she would go on to tell me about some story she heard on 20/20 about something happening in an alley. I would assure her I was joking (after which she would say something along the lines of that’s not funny, it was on 20/20).

Anyways, this alley lies in between a piece of shit parking garage that has the best rate for valet parking in town, and a Marriott Hotel. My windows to my office look out in the direction of the alley, and according to my coworker, a lot of interesting things occur in this particular alley. Word on the street is that one time, some homeless people were going at it in the middle of the day, as people were walking by. Gross. Fortunately, I was not there to witness this


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