Day 55: Portrait of Gage

Fun, Homelife


It seems only fair that if I took a picture of one dog, that I take a picture of the other.

My dog Gage never takes any photogenic pictures, in my opinion. In past photographs, he has held nervous looks or moved so the picture has become blurry, so a majority of pictures taken I never was satisfied with

However, I decided take a picture of him before I gave him a treat and took this picture.

I think what grabs me about this picture is the portrayal of these intelligent eyes that seem to be knowing that something is going happen, that I’m going to give him a treat. Or perhaps its a look of wonderment, like what are you going to do next?  I don’t know, it’s subjective what his expression is saying, but regardless of what it’s saying – I think it’s a great picture


One thought on “Day 55: Portrait of Gage

  1. Gorgeous picture. Gorgeous boy.

    I got that problem with my youngest JR… Boo’s the sweetest little dog, but as soon as the camera takes a pic, I get a snap of a canine weirdo. *sigh* Only time I can take decent pictures of her is while she’s sleeping. 🙂

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