Day 55: Portrait of Coco


ImageYet another portrait of one of my dogs.

In this photographic journey, I’m trying not to take pictures of just my dogs, but it’s hard not to when I think they do really cute things all the time. I guess it’s all part of being a dog owner.

Which makes me think how I would actually be if I had a kid, would I be one of those parents who take pictures of their kids doing exactly the same thing, only to overly flood people’s social media newsfeed?

Perhaps I don’t understand because I don’t have a kid and if / when I have a kid – I would maybe do the same thing. I don’t know. It’s hard to say. But as of now, I only have dogs and am trying to not do what I think is annoying for other people.

This picture was taken when I took my dogs with me on some errands. Every time I leave, I come back to find my dog Coco sitting in the driver’s seat of my car. This is one of times. I was trying to make the picture more interesting by having her paws on the steering wheel, but she didn’t get why I was making her do it, so that actually didn’t happen.

In the end of this photographic journey, I hope to expand my photography to more than just portrait shots of my dogs. But like I said, it’s just so hard when they continuously do cute things.


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