Day 50: Words to Live By

Fun, In the City, The office


When I was single and ready to mingle, I used to go to Happy Hours at least once a week. Now, I almost never go – opting to go home because I have things to do. That’s married life I guess, or being an adult. I went to a Happy Hour for a coworkers birthday at this place called “O’Donnells”. It was a pretty cool spot with good food and drinks and was even more fun with the company that was there.  Like I said, I never go to Happy Hours – but I am friends particular coworker so – kind of had to go, and it ended up being fun.

The pub had all these cool signs and pictures. but I found this one most interesting. Often times, people talk about work far too much outside of work. But I fee like sometimes you just have just leave work at work. You’re social life is more fun that way.


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