Day 48: Mall Walking Shoes


ImageMy husband got these mall-walking shoes from DSW for sale for like $20. He’s really particular about shoes as – according to him – he has weird feet and 9 out of 10 shoes are uncomfortable for him. 

These $20 shoes he swears up and down that they’re the most comfortable thing ever, and I can see why. They’re like those mall-walking shoes that old people wear when they go walking in the mall for fun. 

I don’t know how malls in other parts of the country are, but the mall closest to my house opens an hour or two before the actual stores inside the mall open, just so older people can walk around, because that’s what they do. 

While mall – walking shoes are associated with the older people, I don’t think my husband particularly cares. In fact, he actually went to the mall in these shoes. What a dork. But hey, as long as they’re comfy… that’s all that matters. 



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