Day 45: Remember that Movie Chucky?



It’s my Goddaughter’s birthday coming up. What do you get a 1 year old that has everything?

Enter into the American Girl store.

This place is nuts, filled with dolls that are lifelike and have outfits that have matching outfits for the kids that own these dolls. The prices of these dolls are rediculous, but my friends have told me that it’s like an investment; you can trade these dolls in and put the dollar value in towards another doll.

Looking at the dolls, I was immediately reminded of the movie ChuckyI try not to think about the movie too much, it gave me my share of scary feelings as a child, which explains why I never had dolls that were life-like. But I walked into that store thinking, what if all  those dolls came to life and went all psycho just like in the Chucky movies. So Freaky.


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