Day 39: Katana Sword


ImageMy husband and I have been binge watching “Walking Dead” in light of the second half of season 4 premiering on Sunday. For the past month, we had killed through seasons through 4.5.

It is such a good show, but it basically has been taking over my thoughts. I can’t go a day without thinking something zombie related:

We need a trailer. 

We need an escape route from our house

We need to evacuate to an island – I don’t think zombies can’t cross bodies of water. 

We need to group with people who would be beneficial to us, before cell signal gets cut off.

And my latest statement:

We need to get a katana sword. 

My husband took me up on my statement, and got a katana sword.

With the coming second half of the season, who knows what else I’ll be thinking of.


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