Day 35 : Filipino Food

Food, In the City

ImageI grew up on Filipino food. Everyday, coming home from school, my mom would have food waiting for me, like adobo, fried fish, or some type of soup. Everything with rice, or course.

As I grew older, I started to eat a little more healthier, something that a lot of Filipino foods are not. A majority of Filipinos, as they get older, develop heart problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure, something is probably caused by diet. I have replaced white rice with brown, eaten more veges, and cut back on the salt.

Occassionally, I do have cravings for Filipino food. Like today. So I went to a place called Kusina FIlipino in the Beacon Hill area of Seattle where I bought adobo chicken, and mungo bean soup. I was delish, although – having cut my diet of salt, I could definitely tell that the mungo bean was salty.

My meal satiated my Filipino food craving, for the time being. Until next time…


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