Day 17: Hot or not

In the City


You cant imagine the amount of Seahawks football fever taking over Seattle; it is crazy and nuts at the same time, and im loving it.

During lunch today, my coworkers and I headed down to Westlake (google it if you dont know)for a Seahawk rally and people were passing out these papers with Wilson and Kaepernick on the cover. I love Wilson as a player and from what I gather from the media, he seems to be a pretty good guy, but I a friend who’s in love with Wilson. Like…in love the pointwhere she gets wiggly and excited .

Omg, Wilson is soooo hot, she would say.

Me: Really?

I dont particularly find him attractive, but it made think: with the athletes,  are ball players attractive bc they really are attractive, or because they play football? I dont know. Still tryna figure that out and keep an open mind, but I kind of think that its the latter, because I dont find kaeppernick or wilson attractive, but hey…thats just me . 


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