Day 16: Cake



It was a friends birthday yesterday, which for me called to mind my upcoming birthday.

Holy shit, I’m going to be 30

Thinking back on when I was in high school, I had thought 30 was old. Now that I’m nearing it, I’m like, aaah, I  feel 16, trapped in a 30 year old body!

I think I have to just face the fact that I no longer belong to the generation that defines what’s “cool”. That within a few years, I’m going to be the one with the sore back and I will get no empathy from the younger folk, perhaps in spite of me not having any understanding of when my parents complained about the same thing. That it will soon no longer be acceptable to shop at Forever 21 or the junior section of a department store. I will just have to face the reality that I am getting old.

Im slowly becoming ok with that.


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