Day 13: My 3 O’Clock

Food, Work


3 O’clock rolls around, and I am sitting at my desk,crunching numbers and staring at excel spreadsheets..

I was crazy to think – when I was 12 – that I wanted to grow up, that I was tired of being a kid, that I wanted to make money so that I could buy whatever I wanted instead of being dependent on a meager allowance given by my parents. If my 20 – something year old me went back into time to advise my pre-teen self to quit bitchin about life being so hard and quit trying to grow up, I would’ve told my future self to shut-up.

But, I’ll never get that chance, and there’s an hour or so more to go of work.  I have become almost dependent on this Starbucks refresher drink on a daily basis. Usually by this time, the double-shot coffee from the morning has begun to fade, and the drink gives me the extra kick to get through the rest of work and carry on the rest of my day after work. And the dark chocolate acai? Just another tool to help me stay awake. I really wanted chips, but opted for this. I mean, it’s dark chocolate, but acai is supposedly good for you right?

What would I rather be doing? Laying in bed. Sleeping. Staying Warm. Catching up on Downton Abbey. Anything other than working

But alas, I am here, sitting at my desk, answering emails, looking at more excel spreadsheets, and tiredly living the American dream.


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