Day 11: Meet Florence

People People People

ImageA couple of friends just moved back from Italy a couple of days ago. They had been away for 3 years, and during those 3 years, had traveled to places like Thailand, South Africa, France, and had a baby whom they named ‘Florence’. It’s a fitting name, considering she was born in Italy.

To be honest, I’m quite envious of their travels. Even Florence, at 3 months, has covered more international ground than many get to travel in their lifetime. So jealous. A part of me tells myself that there really is nothing stopping me from going somewhere, I just have to make the choice to go. Then another part of me holds me back with thoughts of : well, it’s expensive. You have to save for these things, and sure – a trip will be good, but you’ll have less money by the end of it and you’re doing home improvements and that’s a lot of money. ugh… 

It seems like other things in life just seem to get in the way or to take precedence.

That is why I think Anthony Bourdain probably has the best job in the world. He gets to travel, eat, explore, enjoy life and give more than his 2 cents because it’s his job to do so. Seriously, what do I have to do to be able to do that?


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