Day 8: Free Shit



I have become a sort of scavenger at work, keeping my eye out for whatever free things I can get: liquid highlighter sets, pens of various colors, computer speakers. When someone leaves, shortly thereafter I will often find myself looking through their supplies to see if there is something that I may want that I don’t have. Company budget constraints have limited the type of supplies provided so finding things like white out tape becomes quite the score when one is able find one.

This piggy bank was given to me from a vendor who was advertising their bank. To be honest, I don’t remember the name of the bank even though the name is probably on the other side of the pig. I had gone to this vendor fair with the full intention of getting as much free shit as possible, which I did. I came out from the fair with a grocery bag, some chocolates, posters from the art museum, and this piggy bank. It’s not like I needed any of the items. Just the mere fact that it was free made me feel like I had gotten a good deal… or so I thought at the time. Now the piggy bank just sits there, dusting and taking up room in my desk and with barely any change in it.

But, you never know. Maybe I’ll be able to fill it up with a shit of load of coins, enough coins to buy coffee for week. Then it would be worth it. You never know…


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