Day 7 : Bread



Apparently, there’s this Mexican holiday that celebrates The Three Wise Men visiting Jesus. In this holiday, families  come together and eat this bread / pastry called Rosca de Reyes. it’s a huge loaf the size of the a full sheet of cake, and within it there are figurines of baby Jesus baked within the bread. You know those little army figurines boys would play with?  The little baby Jesus’ are the size of that

Whoever finds the figurines of Baby Jesus in their slice of bread had to take their figurine to a church to bless it and during a later celebration, more specifically Candleman’s Day, make tamales and serve atole.

Yesterday, I went over to my friend’s house for the sole purpose of doing an insanity workout, and came home with all this knowledge about this bread and this holiday. While this picture was taken yesterday, it is a totally relevant subject for today as I brought a huge slice of this bread to work and heard myself explaining to my coworkers why they had to watch out for “Baby Jesus”.

For all the warning that I provided to people, (Watch out for Baby Jesus!) I ended up with two Baby Jesus figurines.

Imagine that


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