Day 6: Panera and Technology



Confession : I played hookie today.

 in my defense, I have 356 hours of sick time. Don’t ask me how I accumulated so much time, at this point I can’t get rid of it fast enough.

But it was glorious. I stayed in til 12 watching Walking Dead, got my toes done, bought shoes, and went to Panera. I hadn’t been to Panera in such a long time, but they got these things.. these table trackers they give you after you order and you can sit where ever you want to sit… and they find you! and they bring you your food! I mean,  how does it work? Wait, don’t tell me if you really know – when people start talking about technology, I start spacing out and start thinking about other things… like food. So I don’t know if I really want to know.

Anyways, the things you learn when you take a hookie day


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