Day 5: Girl Time



I met these girls in high school. One of them, for a good 3 months we talked to each other outside of the pick-up spot where our parents would pick us up every day after school. On the day before winter break, as her mom picked her up, we said our goodbyes, and then she was like

“You don’t know my name…”

“Yea I do,” I said … defensively.

“What is it then?” She asked

I hesitated for a good 3 seconds

“Ok, I don’t know it.”

This bonded our friendship. We – along with with the other friends in our group, have stayed friends since high school. We have shopped together, done homework together, been there through all our moments of joy and sadness. And more and more, as I grow older, I feel more and more blessed to have these ladies as my friends. I know, I’m getting sappy.

Thank goodness for technology to bring us together despite some of us being miles apart.


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